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Teeth Straightening

Our clear aligner options straighten your teeth with your lifestyle, budget, and unique smile needs in mind. Nearly-invisible bio-compatible plastic aligners apply carefully controlled forces to gradually shift your teeth into your healthiest and most confident smile.

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Developed over 20 years ago, Invisalign is the original chameleon of tooth technology. Get comfortable, solid, and incredible results with professional treatment from Inspire Orthodontics! This clear aligner system uses virtually invisible, removable trays designed for your unique smile goals (with treatment directed by our own clear aligner expert, Dr. Housewright). With Invisalign trays, you’ll never have to shake up your schedule or adjust your diet, making this flexible choice a great solution for busy adults and teens to transform their smiles!

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Inspire Orthodontics is bringing the latest advancements in clear aligner systems to our friends with the power of Spark™ , the aligner system that’s more discreet, comfortable, and precise than ever. These removable clear aligner trays are low-profile, easy to use, and come at an incredible value (without compromising the quality or results of treatment!).

Clear aligners designed to

Do you just need a little touch-up to get to your dream smile? For less complex cases, we offer our very own Inspire Aligners – designed and created right here at our office! With digital scanning and 3D-printing technology, we’ll add that glow to your smile in no time!